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Sharing our knowledge

Posted on: March 26th, 2019 by admin No Comments

Last week our colleague Alison was part of a team running a primary school renewables workshop. The Year 4 children had been learning about how electricity is made, the difference between fossil fuels and renewables and the impact this has on the environment. 

The school are lucky enough to have solar panels on their roof, and the workshop enabled them to get hands-on experience with a solar panel in the classroom to understand how the panels work.  They designed their own wind turbines and investigated where in the UK makes a good site for wind farms.  Their enthusiasm and knowledge was impressive!

In the course of these children’s lifetimes, there has been a six-fold increase in electricity from wind and solar in the UK, and there was a full show of hands when asked if they wanted that to continue.

The school has recently launched an Eco Club and those children gave up their lunchtime to take part and share their ideas on how they can encourage everyone in the school to have a positive impact on their environment.

We have list of good links for Key Stage 2 renewable energy teaching resources – just ask and we’d be happy to send you a copy.