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Airvolution Clean Energy is an independent onshore wind developer with one of the most experienced renewable energy teams in the country.

We are proud to be working in the UK’s wind industry, the country’s single biggest source of renewable power. Onshore wind is the cheapest source of power generation today and with the weather in the UK (the windiest country in Europe) it makes sense to harness these resources for our energy needs.

In addition to cheap, clean power there are considerable economic benefits to the UK economy, through inward investment and community funding.

Airvolution has constructed eleven wind farm projects since it was established in 2010, with over over 60MW of installed capacity currently operating in England, Wales and Scotland.

In 2017 Airvolution announced an exciting joint development partnership with the largest renewable energy generator in Europe, Statkraft. Through the partnership, Airvolution will identify, acquire, develop and construct over 300MW of wind projects in the UK.

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Airvolution has developed and constructed eleven projects totalling 62MWs across England, Scotland and Wales since 2013


Of course you will have lots of questions. Below are the questions most frequently asked by landowners considering working with us.

Why Consider Wind Turbines?

The UK is the windiest country in Europe. Over the past decade renewable energy has become the fastest growing power source. Wind accounts for the majority of renewables in the UK. Wind turbines provide an ideal farm diversification as they take up a relatively small amount of land allowing farming activities to continue largely undisturbed.

Your Revenue Stream

Our objective is to provide landowners with a long term, secure revenue stream. This is based upon a proportion of the revenue generated from selling electricity from the wind turbines.

Financial Risk

We take all the financial risk, both during the development and operational phase. We have the specialist skills required for design, planning, financing, construction and operation - our people are genuine experts at what they do, and we will waste no time in moving good projects forward. We have a hard-earned reputation to look after, and will be quick and decisive in both thought and action.

Wind Turbines

We aim to maximise the renewable electricity potential from each site, and investigate which turbine best suits the location and site wind conditions. We are independent of any particular manufacturer. Modern turbines could be up to 150m tall and several MWs per unit.

Is Your Land Suitable?

Our team will assess you land for suitability based on a range of sensitives such as landscape and visual, ecology, noise, windspeed, proximity to housing, transport, access, grid and aviation.

Local Benefit

We would like our wind projects to be considered a local asset and are keen to work with communities over the lifetime of our projects. This is why we are committed to setting up a Community Benefit Fund in each of our project locations.

Our constructed project communities now benefit from much needed funds that they can channel towards important local initiatives. Examples include education, energy efficiency, a local community shop, facilities for community halls and playground equipment. What does your community need?

Wind energy brings clean, local power and community funding.


Local Suppliers

Our aim is to have the least impact and provide the most benefit to the communities in which we operate. The construction phase is one way we can create economic benefits through
inward investment, and many local companies who may not have worked on a wind project before would be suited to get involved in their local wind farm supply chain.

We won the Wales Green Energy Award for “Outstanding Green Energy Project” for our commitment to the local economy at Ysgellog Farm which saw £316,000 spend on Anglesey.
View the economic benefits case study

We would like to hear from any businesses in the region of our projects who think they may be a suitable supplier.

A range of suppliers and services are needed to build a wind farm:

  • Construction companies
  • Drainage contractors
  • Material suppliers (concrete, stone etc)
  • Building materials
  • Building merchants
  • Fuel providers
  • Builders
  • Plant hire
  • Accommodation
  • Temporary site office hire
  • Waste management
  • Car hire and taxis
  • Security
  • Fencing contractors

Contact Us

If you have a potential site you’d like to discuss, please get in touch.
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