Scottish Government Publish their Energy Strategy

December 22, 2017

The Scottish Government have published their Energy Strategy, including a target for the equivalent of 50% of all Scotland’s energy demand to come from renewable energy sources by 2030.

The Strategy aims to meet the target by almost doubling Scotland’s current installed renewable electricity capacity to 17GW by 2030 while embarking on a remarkable decarbonisation of heat and transport.

Other measures in the new Strategy include:

  • Two ambitious decarbonisation scenarios: one dominated by electricity, the other by hydrogen
  • A requirement to almost double Scotland’s renewable electricity capacity (from 9.3 to 17 Gigawatts) by 2030
  • A target to increase the productivity of energy use by 30%
  • Confirmation of a new, publicly-owned Scottish energy company Confirmation of the £60 million Low Carbon Innovation Fund, as well as a new £20m Energy Investment Fund for low-carbon solutions.

We applaud the huge ambition of the new target and know there is still potential for quality projects in Scotland – we are currently investigating several sites we consider suitable for onshore wind turbines.

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