About The Developer

Who are Statkraft?

Statkraft is Europe's largest generator of renewable energy.  You can read more about us here.

Who are Airvolution?

Airvolution first introduced the Ackron proposal to residents at the first exhibition in Melvich.  Established in 2010, it developed Scottish wind farms solely for Statkraft to build, own and operate since 2017.  

In August 2019 Airvolution was acquired by Statkraft and all members of the Airvolution team are now Statkraft employees.  

Does Statkraft have any other projects in the area?

Statkraft own and operate Baillie Wind Farm located to the west of Thurso. It has been operational since 2013 and consists of 21 turbines.  

Project Overview And Timeline

Where exactly will the turbines go?

The exact wind farm design evolves as studies are completed on the site.  At the exhibition a proposed layout was shown, but as more information is gained the number and location of turbines can change. The final layout will be confirmed when the project enters the planning application stage.

If you have any questions throughout the project's development, please register and use the “Any Questions?” tab to contact us. 

How tall will the turbines be?

We are proposing a maximum turbine height of 150 metres to blade tip. This maximises the output of the turbines without the need to install aviation lighting.  

Before we submit a planning application, we will hold another public exhibition to show the final project plan in detail. 

If you have any questions throughout the project's development, please register and use the “Any Questions?” tab to contact us. 

Local Benefits

Will there be a community fund?

Yes. If the project is approved and the turbines installed, a community fund will be established to generate funding each year for local community groups and projects.

Based on the project currently proposed (14 x 3.5MW wind turbines), this would equate to £245,000 per year (using Scottish Government recommended figure of £5,000 per MW installed). 

We look forward to hearing your ideas about how this funding could be managed and allocated.  Let us know your ideas by registering and contacting us. 

What is the broadband commitment?

We have been looking at how our sites could improve broadband in areas where we operate.  We have committed to investing in feasibility studies at an early stage across all our development sites in Scotland to assess the potential for this.  

As reported in the Northern Times in October 2019, The study for Ackron shows that at least 242 homes could receive improved broadband using fixed wireless broadband.  

Consulting The Community

How are the exhibitions being advertised?

We want to make sure that as many people as possible know about our face to face engagement events. This includes:

  • mailing over 600 of the nearest households with a project newsletter 
  • newspaper advertisments 
  • digital advertising on local media 
  • posters for Community Council noticeboards
  • posters to community and commercial premises 
The best way to ensure you are kept up to date with project news is to register on this site for updates.

What was on display at the exhibition?

The exhibition held in June 2019 started our discussions with residents about our interest in the site for a wind farm. You can download the brochure from the exhibition here.

We will hold another public exhibition to show the final project in detail before it is submitted to the Highland Council for decision. This is likely to be late 2019/early 2020.  

We look forward to seeing you there.