UK Onshore Wind Week

June 19, 2018

Last week was the first ever Onshore Wind Week in the UK.

It included events at wind farms, calls for stronger policy support from MPs and MSPs and even a range of new ice creams launched by Ben & Jerry’s to join the call for a change to policies which currently exclude onshore wind from the energy mix.

Scottish Renewables have launched an excellent report “Onshore Wind: Investing in Scotland’s Energy Future” which shows the social, environmental and economic benefits of our sector.

For those unconvinced about the economic benefits of onshore wind, another report was published last week to show that if current Government policy was changed to put onshore wind on an even playing field with other types of generation, the cost of new onshore wind projects would drop beneath the Government’s forecast wholesale electricity price from 2023.

This would all be good news for UK electricity consumers, but potential is hindered by onshore wind not being able to compete for contracts alongside other power generators.  Onshore wind is now the cheapest way to generate new electricity – and with Government’s own surveys showing 76% of the UK public support onshore wind – what are they waiting for?