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The Age of Stupid 10 years on … and THAT wind farm

Posted on: March 21st, 2019 by admin No Comments

Every now and again we are asked by people who have seen the movie Age of Stupid “what ever happened to that wind farm?”  (and if you haven’t seen the movie, we highly recommend it).

We are always pleased to be able to tell them that Airvolution played a big part in getting THAT wind farm up and running.

The project had a long and tortuous history in the planning process. From its beginnings as a 15 turbine application, a 3-turbine project was eventually approved around 10 years later after multiple rejections, appeals and legal challenges.  With government support due to be cut in March 2017, and planning permission due to lapse in August of the same year, the project was in real danger of never being built.  The project had been put in cold storage by the original developer as uneconomic to build.

But we saw the potential of the site, and how the rapid advancements in turbine technology could be utilised to increase electricity production.  We wasted no time and put all of our efforts and expertise into seeing this iconic project built before the deadline. 

The turbines were erected and power was first produced at the end of February 2017 – weeks away from the point where the project would have been abandoned forever.  We are proud of those three turbines, total capacity 8.55MW using GE103 wind turbines.

During one of the Council debates resulting in one of the planning refusals, a Councillor said:  “I am concerned that we are being swept along on a fashionable urge to save the environment, and I do not believe that this scheme would add a jot or a kilowatt to our power.”

We can confidently advise that Councillor that this project is adding not just kilowatts but megawatts – generating enough electricity to power the equivalent of 6,150 households…. and we hope saving the environment is one fashion that never goes out of style.

Watch the Guardian video on revisiting the Age of Stupid, 10 years on