Local Benefit & Shared Ownership

We would like our wind projects to be considered a local asset and are keen to work with communities over the lifetime of our projects. This is why we are committed to setting up a Community Benefit Fund in each of our project locations, and would like to talk to residents about other options such as Shared Ownership.

Shared Ownership

There is increasing interest from Government and developers to explore how wind projects can provide an opportunity for communities to be more involved in their local energy projects through shared ownership.  This was reinforced in the Government’s Community Energy Strategy published in January 2014 which stated:  “We expect that by 2015 it will be the norm for communities to be offered the opportunity of some level of ownership of new, commercially developed onshore renewables.“

To see some examples of renewable projects operating with Shared Ownership, look at www.abundancegeneration.com and www.energy4all.co.uk

Community Benefit Fund

Our funds in England and Wales are administered by GrantScape, an independent charity who ensure that each fund maximises the benefits for the community.  They work alongside a panel of local representatives to manage the fund.  How the fund is spent is up to the local community, and could support initiatives such as energy efficiency and education projects, local generation or conservation schemes.  We are looking for suitable partners to deliver similar fund administration for our Scottish projects. 

For an idea of how our community funds work, visit the Community Funding page for our two wind turbines at Ysgellog Farm, or the Community Funding page for our Garlenick wind turbines.