Extending the Berry Burn Wind Farm

November 12, 2018

We think there is potential to extend Statkraft’s 29 turbine Berry Burn Wind Farm in Scotland, and have submitted a scoping request to the Energy Consents Unit (ECU) of the Scottish Government* as an early step in evaluating this potential.

A scoping request provides the ECU, Moray Council and other consultees such as Scottish Natural Heritage and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency an opportunity to note their views on issues that should be included in an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).  It is the first step in deciding whether to proceed with a planning application, and we expect to have a response from the ECU early next year.

In 2017 we entered a joint development partnership with Statkraft to identify, acquire, develop and construct over 300MW of wind projects in the UK.  Should we decide to submit a planning application for this site, we will ensure that there are numerous opportunities for local residents, community groups and other stakeholders to have their say throughout the planning period.

* Usually, application documents for a 10 turbine wind farm would be submitted to the relevant Local Authority. However because it is an extension the capacity of the existing site has to be considered and the combined total capacity exceeds 50MW, the limit where decisions are made by Scottish Government.  The ECU Reference is ECU00000718.


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